1982 Aggett Inquest


A Court Records

Index of 1982 Inquest Record


Volume 1 – pg 1-372

A1.1 Witnesses

1.1.0 witnesses

1.1.1 John Edward Lloyd

1.1.2 Daniel Hendrik Petrus Zeeley

1.1.3 Vernon Dennis Kemp (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

1.1.4 Nicolaas Jacobus Scheepers

1.1.5 Vernon dennis Kemp Recalled

1.1.6 Jan Barend Christiaan Botha

1.1.7 Johan David Loubser

A1.2 Affidavits

1.2.1 Chistopher Johannes Hendrik Delport

1.2.2 Wessel Johannes Strydom an Niekerk

1.2.3 Marais Louis E. smit

1.2.4 Jacobus Frederik Visser

1.2.5 Paul Anthony Burger

1.2.6 Jacobus Johannes Mostert

1.2.7 Dorothy Elizabeth

1.2.8 Morris Saayman

1.2.9 Michael c Joubert

1.2.10 Johannes Stefanus Marais

1.2.11 Christian Stephanus Scholtz

1.2.12 Andries Abraham stuwig

1.2.13 Theunis Jacobus Swanepoel

1.2.14 Johnnes christian Pretorias

A1.3 Witnesses

1.3.1 James Aggenbach

1.3.2 Andre Martin

1.3.3 Walter Macpherson

1.3.4 Johannes Stephanus Marais

1.3.5 Charl Wynand Lmbrecht

1.3.6 Jacob Casper Strauss

13.7 Lawrence Charles Phillip Prince

Volume 2 – pg 373-769

A2 Witnesses

2.1 Lawrence C.P prince

2.2 Daniel Gert Oosthuizen

2.3 Daniel Dennis Mahoney

2.4 Masoeu Paul Sehloho

2.5 Aletta Gertruida Blom

2.6 Morris Peter Smithers (Part 1 and Part 2)

2.7 Jabulani Petrus Khlakla

2.8 Mohani Gedden Maketha

2.9 Caswell Magoro

2.10 Abraham Johannes Mouton

Volume 3 – pg 770-1192

A3 Witnesses

3.1 Abraham Johannes Mouton ( continued)

3.2 Aletta Gertruida Blom (recalled)

3.3 George Mashinini

3.4 Aletta Gertruida Blom (recalled)

3.5 Hendrik Christoffel Muller (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 and Part 4)

3.6 Arthur Benoni Cronwright (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 and Part 4)

Volume 4 – pg 1193-1589

A4 Witnesses

4.1 Evett Louise Braytenbach

4.2 Keith Coleman

4.3 Elizabeth Catherine Floyd

4.4 Thabo Lerumo

4.5 Ismail Momoniat

4.6 Pramanathan Naidoo

4.7 Sisu Njikelana

Volume 5 – pg 1590-1994

A5 Witnesses

5.1 Shirish Nanabhai

5.2 Gabriel Jabulani Ngwenya

5.3 Carel Petrus fredrik Janse van Rensburg

5.4 Martin Johan Naude

5.5 Karel Johan de Bryn

5.6 Desire Kerr

5.7 Dirk Jakobus Lukas

5.8 Johannes Nicolaas Visser

Volume 6 – pg 1995-2398

A6 Witnesses

6.1 Johannes N. Visser ( continued)

6.2 Daniel Ilardus Swanepoel

6.3 Nicolaas Johannes deetlefs

6.4 Joseph Petrus Woensdreg

6.5 Danvey Maphophe

6.6 Magezi Eddie Chauke

6.7 James Andrew van Schalkwyk

6.8 Stephan Peter Whitehead (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 and Part 4)

Volume 7 – pg 2399-2800

A7 Witnesses

7.1 Stephan Peter Whitehead

7.2 Rulof Jacobus Venter (recalled)

7.3 William Smith

7.4 Argument

7.5 Ruling on admission of affidavits

7.6 Auret Denis van Heerden (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 and Part 4)

Volume 8 – pg 2801-3165

A8 Witnesses

8.1 Dr Norman Jacobson

8.2 Hendrik Cornelius Jacobus Pitout

8.3 Norman Jacobson (recalled)

8.4 Arthur Benoni Cronwright ( recalled)

8.5 Carel Jacobus Adriaan Victor

8.6 Charl Vorster (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

8.7 Jan Adrian Plomp (Part 1; Part 2 and Part 3)

Volume 9 – pg 3519-3707)

Judgment – cause of death – suicidal hanging









Volume 10 – summary of record












Volume B 1

B1(a) Index to docket volume 1

B1.1 Ikululeko freedom p1-7

B1.5 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.J.F. Mostert, p15-16

B1.6 Request for Toxicological examination of specimens, p17

B1.7 Statement by M. Freiman, p18-19

B1.8 Certificate in terms of S212 (4) and 8 of Criminal Procedure Act, 1977, p20

B1.9 Affidavit by Constable M.L.T. Smit, p21

B1.10 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.F. Visser, p22

B1.11 Identification of body, p23

B1.12 Affidavit by Warrant Officer J.J.F. Mostert, p24

B1.13 Affidavit by Constable A Ntsoane, p25

B1.14 Statement by Prof N.J. Scheepers, p26

B1.15 Set of photographs, p27-29

B1.16 Statement Captain Jansen van Rensburg, p30

B1.17 Statement by Captain J.C. Strauss, p31-32

B1.18 Leaflet �Peoples Hero= Dr. Neil Aggett�, p33

B1.19 Photograph, P34 Photograph missing (blank space in document)

B1.2 Statement captain M J Naude 8-10

B1.20 Enquiry register, p35-40

B1.21 Statement Warrant Officer W. Macpherson, p41-42

B1.22 Inventory, p43-45

B1.23 Statement Warrant Officer J.C. Pretorius, p46

B1.24 Letter by Magistrate, Pretoria to Director-General, Justice, p47

B1.25 Letter by Magistrate, Johannesburg to Director-General, p48-51

B1.26 Report by Inspector of Detainees, p52-55

B1.27 Letter by Magistrate to Director-General, p56-57

B1.28 Report by Inspector of Detainees, p58-65

B1.29 Letter by Magistrate, Johannesburg to Director-General Justice, p66-67

B1.3 Finger prints 11

B1.30 Statement Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p68

B1.31 Letter to Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p69

B1.32 Statement by Warrant Officer Lambrechts, p70-71

B1.33 Set of photographs, p72-76

B1.34 Statements by Brigadier T.J Swanepoel, p77-78

B1.35 Statement by Captain A.A Struwig, p79

B1.36 Statement by Lt Col C.S. Scholtz, p80

B1.37 Detention warrant, p81-83

B1.38 Place and conditions of detention, p84

B1.39 Statement colonel H.C Mullen, p85

B1.4 Statement Captain C.J.A. Victor, p12-14

B1.40 Statement Constable M.P Sehloho, p86-87

B1.41 Statement Constable A.Martin, p88

B1.42 Statement Warrant Officer J.S. Marais, p89

B1.43 Statement Sergeant J.Agenbag, p90-92 (p92 missing)


Volume B 2 (Originally missing documents)

Detainee Affidavits

1. Docket 2 – Front Cover – detainee list

2. Affidavit of Maurice Smithers_1001

3. Affidavit of Tom Lodge 1_1002

4. Affidavit of Benjamin Lombard_1003

5. Affidavit of Charl Voster_1004

6. Affidavit of Tom Lodge 2_1005

7. Affidavit of Ismail Momoniat_1006

8. Affidavit of Tom Lodge 3_1007

9. Affidavit of Keith Coleman_1008

10. Affidavit of Liz Floyd_1009

11. Affidavit of Firoz Cachalia_1010

12. Affidavit of Samson Ndou_1011

13. Affidavit of Thozamile Gqweta_1012

14. Affidavit of Sisa Njikelana_1013

15.1 Affidavit of Akila Mphetha_1014

15.2 Handwritten affidavit of Akila Mphetha_1014

16. Affidavit of Thabo Lerumo_1015

17.1 Affidavit of Jabu Ngwenya_1016

17.2 Handwritten affidavit of Jabu Ngwenya

18.1 Affidavit of Shirish Nanabhai_1017

18.2 Handwritten affidavit of Shirish Nanabhai_1017

19. Affidavit of Pramanathan Naidoo_1018

20.1 Affidavit of Montgomery Narsoo_1019

20.2 Handwritten affidavit of Montgomery Narsoo

21. Handwritten affidavit of Swanepoel_1020 (illegible)

22. Affidavit of Yvette Breytenbach_1021

Affidavit of Jan Theron and letter

Police Affidavits and Documents

1. List of Affidavits of Police Officers

2. Woensdregt_501

3. Loubser_502

4. Makhetha_503

5. Mashinini_504

6. Carr_505

7. Makhoro_506

8. Dladla_507

9. Whitehead_508

10. Wessels_509

11. Mouton – Handwritten_510

12. Prince – with notes_511

13. Mahoney – with notes_512

14. Muller_513

15. Letter (care of detainees)_514

16. Correspondence (complaints)_515

17. JA Plomp – Report on the death of N Aggett_516 (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3 and Part 4

18. Plan of 10th floor_518 (but labeled 517)


Volume B 3

B3.1 New affidavits by detainees

B3.1.1 Eric Mntonga – A

B3.1.2 Frank Chikane -B

B3.1.3 Barbara Hogan – D (C is missing)

B3.2 Supplementary affidavits by detainees

B3.2.1 Montgomery Narsoo – E

B3.2.2 Firoze Cachalia – F

B3.2.3 Samson Ndau – G

B3.3 New material made available by police

B3.3.1 Affidavit by Norman Jacobsen (re Momoniat) – H

B3.3.2 Affidavit made by Momoniat to Sgt Blom – I

B3.3.3 Affidavit by Norman Jacobsen (re Nanabhai) – J

B3.3.4 Affidavit made by Nanabhai to Sgt. Blom – K

B3.4 Docs handed in at inquest but not made available to BDH

B3.4.1 Manuscript of affi by Aggett to Blom-repeated assault by the Security police, 4 February 1982 – L

B3.4.2 Affidavit by Sgt M.S. Joubert – M

B3.4.3 Search warrant + supporting affidavit – N

B3.4.4 Inventory by Maj Mahoney (exhibits Y3+ Y4) – O

B3.5 Other docs not handed in at inquest

B3.5.1 Statement by Frank Chikane

B3.5.2 Statement by Thozamile Gqweta

B3.5.20 Statement made by Lerumo to police and typed transcript

B3.5.21 Close Comrades’ (copy)

B3.5.3 Statement by Eric Mntonga

B3.5.4 Statement by Sisa Njikelana

B3.5.5 Supplmentary statement by Firoze Cachalia

B3.5.6 Supplementary statement by Ismail Momoniat

B3.5.7 Guilty plea by Naidoo (re Robert Lee matter)

B3.5.8 Statement made by Nanabhai to police (re Robert Lee matter)

B3.5.9 Transcript of statement made by Nanabhai (re Robert Lee matter)

B3.5.10 Guilty plea by Nanabhai (re Robert Lee matter)

B3.5.11 Summary of evidence given by Maj Williamson (trial of AM Fine)

B3.5.12 Letter from Helen Suzman to Bell Dewar & Hall

B3.5.13 Affidavits relating to Somerset West incident

B3.5.14 Note on argument regarding criminal responsibility for induced suicide (D Kuny)

B3.5.15 Notes on the law relating to suicide (W Lane)

B3.5.16 Some legal aspects of the Aggett inquest (including relevant portions of Inquests Act and Terrorism Act)

B3.5.17 Correspondence between Donald B Sole and Ad Hoc Monitoring Group on Southern Africa

B3.5.18 Statement by Auret van Heerden


Volume B 8

B8(a) Index to Docket Volume 8

B8.1 Unsworn statement of Captain Martin Johan Naude

B8.10 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett on 11-12-1981

B8.11 Schedule of returned articles signed by constable Lloyd dated 18-12-1981

B8.12 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 18-12-1981

B8.13 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 22-12-1981

B8.14 Detainees receipt signed by N H Aggett dated 23-12-1982

B8.15 Schedule of returned articles signed by Constable Zeelie dated 29-12-1981

B8.16 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 5-1-1982

B8.17 Schedule of returned articles signed by Sergeant Joubert on Friday 1982

B8.18 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 11-1-1982

B8.19 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 18-1-1983

B8.2 Affidavit of Constable John Edward Lloyd with annexed copy of a page from the parcel register

B8.20 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 22-1-1984

B8.21 Detainees receipt signed by NH Aggett dated 2-2-1985

B8.22 Deleted (9 pages duplicates)

B8.23 Document entitled Navrae Register Enquiry Register signed by NH Aggett and W MacPherson

B8.24 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Walter MacPherson

B8.25 Inventory drawn up by Captain CJA Victor and Warrant Oficer JC Pretorius of the contents of Cell Number 209, John Vorster Square on 5-2-1982

B8.26 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Johannes Christiaan Pretorius

B8.27 Pro-forma affidavit regarding finger prints of NH Aggett

B8.28 SAP 191 form in respect of NH Aggett

B8.29 Affidavit by Brigadier Theunis Jacobus Swanepoel

B8.3 Finger prints of Neil Aggett

B8.30 Affidavit by Captain Andries Abraham Struwig

B8.31 Affidavit by Lieutenant Colonel Christiaan Stefanus Scholtz

B8.32 Warrant of detention for Neil Aggett in terms of Section 6 of the Terrorism Act 83 of 1967, dated 11 December 1981

B8.33 Place and condition of detention of Neil Aggett under Section 22 of the General Law Amendment Act no. 62 of 1966

B8.34 Affidavit by Colonel Hendrik Christoffel Muller

B8.35 Affidavit by Constable Mosoeu Paul Sehloho

B8.36 Affidavit by Constable Andre Martin

B8.37 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Johannes Stephanus Marais

B8.38 Affidavit by Sergeant James Agenbag

B8.39 Copy of a page from the Cell Register for the month of December 1981

B8.4 Affidavit of Carel Jacobus Adriaan Victor

B8.40 Copy of a page from the Cell Register for the month of February 1982

B8.41 Copies of 53 pages of the John Vorster Square Cells Occurance Book dating from 11 December 1981 to 5 February 1982

B8.42 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Karel Johan De Bruin

B8.43 Affidavit by Captain Johannes Nicolaas Visser

B8.44 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Disre Carr

B8.45 Affidavit by Captain Daniel Elardus Swanepoel

B8.46 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Nicolaas Johannes Deetlefs

B8.47 Affidavit by Lieutenant Stephan Peter Whitehead

B8.48 Affidavit by James andrew Van Schalkwyk

B8.49 Affidavit by Warrant Officer Walter MacPherson

B8.5 Post-mortem report by Medical Officers and Officials at the Government Mortuary

B8.50 Affidavit by Detective Sergeant Aletta Gertruida Blom

B8.51 Affidavit by Detective Constable Magezi Eddie Chauke

B8.52 Affidavit by Detective Sergeant James Andrew Van Schalkwyk

B8.53 Affidavit by Lieutenant Stephan Peter Whitehead

B8.54 Affidavit by Arthur Benoni Cronwright

B8.55 Affidavit by Neil Aggett (see B3.4.1)

B8.56 Letter from Regional Court President to Senior Public Prosecutor Johannesburg

B8.57 Letter from Regional Court President to Senior Public Prosecutor dated 25-2-1982

B8.58 Affidavit by Captain Daniel Almbrechtz Brand

B8.58b Affidavit by Dirk Jakobus Lucas (Afrikaans)

B8.59 Copies of 7 pages from the Meal Register relating to Neil Aggett

B8.6 Affidavit by Carel Petrus Frederik Jansen van Rensburg

B8.60 Report by Magistrate AH Louw, regarding visit to Dr Aggett on 11-12-81, which report is dated 15-12-81

B8.61 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate PC Van Der Merwe on 17 December 1981, which report is dated 18 December 1981

B8.62 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate PC Van Der Merwe on 29 December 1981, which report is dated 29 December 1981

B8.63 Report of Inspector of Detainees regarding visits to Dr Aggett by him on 23-12-1981 and 4-1-1982 which report is dated 6-1-1982

B8.64 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg regarding visit by Magistrate AGJ Wessels on 6 January 1982, which report is dated 7 January 1982

B8.65 Report by Inspector of Detainees regarding his visit to Dr Aggett on 23 December 1981, which report is dated 24-12-1981

B8.66 Report by Inspector of Detainees regarding his visit to Aggett on 22 Jan 1982, which report is dated 25 Jan 1982

B8.67 Report by Chief Magistrate of Johannesburg Magistrate AGJ Wessels 18 January

B8.68 Afficavit by Michael Stephen Joubert dated 2 March 1982

B8.69 Affidavit by Wessel Johannes Strydom Van Niekerk dated 10 March 1982

B8.7 Affidavit by Captain Jacob Casper Strauss

B8.70 Affidavit by Josephus Johannes Hendrik Delport dated 10 March 1982

B8.71 Affidavit by Alette Gertruida Blom dated 10 March 1982

B8.72 Affidavit by Colonel Daniel Gert Oosthuizen dated 9 March 1982

B8.73 Signed statement of NH Aggett dated 6 January 1982, 7 January 1982 and 8 January 1982

B8.74 Unsigned and undated second statement of NH Aggett, as typed

B8.75 Statement of Dr West

B8.76 Post mortem report by family Pathologist

B8.77 Psychiatric report by Dr Zalman Wolff

B8.8 Leaflet calling for mass rally for Dr Neil Aggett on the the 13 February 1982

B8.9 Affidavit by constable Daniel Hendrik Petrus Zeelie




D1 Attorney reports & memoranda re inquest

Attorneys Reports, Memoranda re inquest

D2 Attorney correspondence re inquest

Attorneys correspondence re inquest



Newspaper clippings