Aggett Inquest 2020/2021


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FGK 7.1 (Deceased in Cell)

FGK 7.2 (Deceased in Cell)

FGK 7.3 (Deceased in Cell)

FGK 7.4 (Deceased in Cell)

FGK 8.1

FGK 8.2

FGK 8.3

FGK 8.4

FGK 8.5

FGK 8.6

FGK 8.7


FGK 11.1

FGK 11.2

FGK 11.3

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FGK 12.1

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Exhibit G

G01. Affidavit of George Bizos_signed 16 October 2018

G02. Jill Burger affidavit (signed 20 Jan 2020)

G03. David Dison affidavit (signed 21012020)

G04. Liz Floyd affidavit (signed 22012020)

G05. Joe Nyampule 2018 affidavit

G06. Mohane Gerden Makhetha 2018 affidavit

G07. Firoz Cachalia 2018 affidavit

G08. Parmananthan Naidoo 2018 affidavit

G09. Maurice Smithers 2018 affidavit

G11.1. Translation of SAP circular (Exhibit AA.4)

G11.2 SAP Circular re handling of detainees

G12. 1981 & 1982 calendar

G13. Barbara Hogan Affidavit (signed 28012020)

G14. Frank Chikane affidavit (singed 29012020)


G15.2 Pages from TRC volume2 (H19)

G15.3 Pages from TRC volume3 (H12 – Salojee) PAGES MISSING

G15.4 Pages from TRC volume3 (other)

G15.5 Van Niekerk – 137-142 (NEW)

G15.6 Timol Transcript Vol 9, p 687

G15.7 Timol Transcript Vol 15, p 1052

G16. Prema Naidoo Supplementary Affidavit (signed 30012020)

G17. Ismail Momoniat 1982 affidavit

G18. Ismail Momoniat affidavit (signed 02022020)

G19. Section 22 of General law amendments Act, 1966

G20. Sisa Njikelana (signed 03022020)

G21. Dr Naidoo Pathologist report

G22. Ronald Kasrils affidavit (signed 23012020)

G23. Jabu Ngwenya affidavit (signed 04022020)

G23.1-23.3 Photos of windows at JVS

G24. LCRC Inspection in Loco Photographs (21012020)

G25. Missing documents from the Gluckman Archives

G26. Essop Judgment

G27. Keith Coleman affidavit (signed 09022020)

G28. Affidavit of Keith Coleman 1982

G29. Paul Erasmus affidavit (signed 110202020)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

G30. Transcript of Smith’s testimony at TRC

G31.1 Photographs of SB members_paginated

G31.2 Key to photographs of SB members

G32.1. Aggett Inquest_Savage+Dodd Architects FINAL.pptx

G32.2. 200211_JVS Building Heights

G32.3 200204_JVS Compiled Drawings Presentation_ REV A

G32.4 200204_JVS Cell Presentation

G32.5 Colin Savage CV

G33.1. Report by Sietze Albertse (with attachments)

G33.2. CV Sietze Albertse

G34. Gavin Andersson affidavit (signed 13022020)

G35. Jan Theron affidavit (signed 17022020)

G36. Handwritten statement by Deetlefs

G36. Translation of handwritten statement by Deetlefs.docx

G37. Notice on Suppression of Communism

G38. Mpetha (SA History) News Article

G40. Page from Deetlefs personnel file (missing from FGK13.6)

G41. Jonty Joffe affidavit (signed15022020)

G42. Beverley Naidoo – Affidavit_signed

G43. Richard Wragg – Affidavit_signed

G44. David Dison supp affidavit_signed 26052020

G45. Supplementary Report Dr Steve Naidoo (Dr Aggett) 23 March 2020 Final

G46. Supplementary Affidavit _ Firoz Cachalia(15878100.1)

G47. Supplementary Affidavit_P Naidoo_Signed_05 01 2021(16010256.1)

G48. Prema Naidoo 1982 affidavit

G49 TRC Decision_AC.2001.119

G50. TRC Decision_AC.2001.228

G51. TRC Final Report Finding “Realm of Criminality”

G52 TRC Special hearing – Johan Velde Van der Merwe

G53. Amnesty Committee Hearing Stanza Bopape 1 Sept 1998

G54. AM3767-96 – Amnesty Hearing of Eugene Fourie – Buring of safe house near Oshoek Border (Thami Zulu matter)

G55. TRC AC-2000-089 – Decision on Chand Familu AM5001-97 – Amnesty Hearing DE KOCK 6 – ABDUCTION OF GLORY SEDIBE

G57. TRC Decision AC_2001_094 – abduction of Glory Sedibe

G58. TRC Final Report Volume 2 Ch 3 Identification of Targets – pages 1 to 3 and 275 to 289 and 313 to 317

G59 – Amnesty Hearing DE KOCK 6 – VARIOUS INCIDENTS 16 Feb 2000

G60. The interaction between the work of the human rights violations committee and the amnesty committee, Vol 6, Sec 3, Chapt 1

G61. Ms Aletta Visser (Blom) Personnel file from SAPS

G62.1 Handwritten affidavit of Jabu Ngwenya

G62.2 Affidavit of Jabu Ngwenya_1016

G63. Woensdregt Personnel file (SAPS)_paginated

G64. Tables of deaths in detention

G65. Soweto Security Branch.docx.pdf

G66. Van Heerden v Cronwright_ SAHA record

G67. Van Heerden v Cronwright

G68. Merret Detention without trial in South Africa

G69. Sleep deprivation and torture

G70. Venter amnesty application

G71. TRC SAPA press statement

G72.1 Engineer Report_T Moodley

G72.2. Affidavit of Thivash Moodley

G73 Jabu Ngwenya Supplementary affidavit

G74. Drawing the fine line between interrogation and torture

G75. Affidavit of Frank Dutton


Consolidated Transcripts & Exhibits List

Aggett Family Closing Argument