Cradock Four

A principled and popular school teacher whose organisational abilities made him a thorn in the flesh of Apartheid generals.
A school teacher and radical youth leader who, with Matthew, created a major headache for the regime.
A railway worker and unionist who was fired unfairly and helped lead the youth movement.
A school friend of Matthew, and activist in his own right, came along that fateful night to catch up on old times?


Media Articles

Apartheid top brass named in Cradock Four court papers (22 July 2021)

Cradock Four families describe NPA’s snail’s pace in bringing justice as a deep betrayal (21 July 2021)

Cradock Four’ families sue NPA, police over failure to prosecute their killers, cite De Klerk (20 July 2021)

South Africa: Cradock Four Families Denied the Right to Truth and Justice for 36 Years (27 June 2021)

36 years later and still no justice for Cradock Four (27 June 2021)




27 June: Disappearance and murder of Fort Calata, Matthew Goniwe, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlaulli
20 July: Funeral of the Cradock 4/Declaration of the first State of Emergency since Sharpeville massacre in 1960 

1988 – 1989:

First inquest into the Cradock 4 murders finds no one to blame

1993 – 1994:

Second inquest finds that apartheid security forces murdered the Cradock 4


Widows of the Cradock 4 testify before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


Six police officers denied amnesty for the Cradock 4 murders


Cradock 4 case among the 350 cases handed over to the National Prosecuting Authority 

To date no one has been prosecuted in any of these cases.