Week 2: Dr Hoosen Haffejee Inquest


Inquest Records & Media Reports 

Inquest Records: 23 – 27 August 2021

Dr Abdul Kader Akoo: (Character Witness) 23/08/2021

Vinay K Hazarey: (Character Witness) 25/08/2021

Dr Kalappen Vedachallam Moodley: (Character Witness) 25/08/2021

Krishna Moonsamy Govender and Other: Vinay K Hazarey: (Character Witness) 25/08/2021

Mohamed Hanef Bhamjee: (Character Witness) 25/08/2021

Shahida Pillay (Character Witness)

Haroon Aziz: (Similar Fact Witness)

Rabindranath Bookhan 1 and 2: (Character Witness – Dentures)

Amena Motala (Eyewitness Injuries)

Rabea Bee Bee Rahim (Eyewitness Injuries)

Kambadasen Subramoney Govender: (Character Witness) 26/08/2021

Dr Segaran Ramalu Naidoo (Steve): (Expert Witness forensic Pathologist) 26 & 27/08/2021



Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee. Picture: Bongani Mbatha/African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Haffejee inquest: unanswered questions

22 Augusty 2021: IOL –  Imtiaz Cajee 

OPINION: The broader question is how does the NPA intend fast-tracking the reopening of apartheid-era inquests? Witnesses and perpetrators are passing on, writes Imtiaz Cajee.


Family’s interminable fight for justice for Dr Hoosen Haffajee overshadowed by protracted NPA investigations

23 August 2021: Maverick citizen – By Ufrieda Ho

The reopened inquest into the death in police custody of Dr Hoosen Haffejee in 1977 enters its second week in the Pietermaritzburg high court. It is long overdue but his surviving family members still need answers. 


City doctor recalls Haffejee’s close ties with ANC figures while studying in India

23 August 2021: Capital Nespapers – By Niyanta Singh

A long-time friend of Dr Hoosen Haffejee said the young doctor became close to several high-ranking ANC figures while studying in India and had also embraced the ideology of Argentine and Cuban revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara


Haffejee inquest: call for probe into other apartheid crimes

23 Aug 2021: Daily News by SAMKELO MTSHALI


International character witnesses to testify in Haffejee ’suicide’ trial

25 August 2021: IOL – By Samkelo Mtshali 

Johannesburg – The reopened inquest into the August 1977 death of Pietermaritzburg-born dentist Dr Hoosen Haffejee is on Wednesday expected to hear testimony from three character witnesses, two of them internationally-based.


The Haffejee family seeks answers to the death of their brother who died in police custody in 1977

25 August 2021: Salaamedia – Haffejee family’s spokesperson and attorney, Anwar Jessop in discussion with Julie Alli


Dr Hoosen Haffejee described as a man with a great heart

26 August 2021: IOL – By Samkelo Mtshali 

Durban – A former university friend of late apartheid activist Dr Hoosen Haffejee on Wednesday told an inquest into his death that students and staff at the Government Dental College and Hospital Nagpur in India, described him as a man with a great heart and mind who fought the good fight. Dr Vinay Hazarey, one of India’s most renowned dental surgeons, told Judge ZP Nkosi of the Pietermaritzburg High Court that his recollections of Haffejee were of his courage and bravery, which he had shown in his various leadership roles while at the Dental College and Hospital Nagpur.


ANC veteran confirms he recruited Haffejee into MK

26 August 2021: Capital Newspapers Niyanta Singh

Veteran anti-apartheid activist, Mohamed Hanef Bhamjee, testifying from the United Kingdom, confirmed that he had recruited Hoosen Haffejee into the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto We Sizwe, and had taught the young freedom fighter the art of making bombs and other guerrilla warfare tactics.


Security Branch threatened to ‘kill me like they killed Haffejee’

26 August 2021: Capital Newspapers Niyanta Singh 

A former underground African National Congress operative dropped a bombshell in the Dr. Hoosen Haffejee inquest saying he too was detained and tortured by members of the Security Branch who threatened to “kill me like they killed Haffejee”, barely a month after Haffejee’s death.


Haffejee’s ex-girlfriend tipped off the police, inquest hears

26 August 2021: Natal Witness By Ingrid Oellermann

Pietermaritzburg’s Hoosen Haffejee got word a day before his arrest that his ex-girlfriend had tipped off the security branch about his political activities. He was advised to leave the country immediately, but the following day could not be reached. Two days later, on the morning of August 3, 1977, his family and friends were told he had died in detention, allegedly having committed suicide. 


ANC veteran confirms he recruited Haffejee into MK

27 August 2021: Public Eye By Niyanta Singh


Dr Haffejee was a formidable opponent of racism

27 August 2021: The Mercury by Farouk Araie (Benoni)

The painful revelations at the inquest of Dr Hoosen Haffejee serves as a grim reminder that those who took part in his brutal torture were sadistic beasts.


NPA Annual Report: 2020/2021

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