Week 4: Dr Hoosein Haffejee Inquest


Inquest and Media Reports

Inquest Records:  6 – 10 September 2021

Johannes Nicolaas Vermaak Meyer: (Police eyewitness) 09 September 2021

Veera Ragulu Naidoo: (Police eyewitness) 09 September 2021


Dr Hoosen Haffejee: Death in detention

8 September 2021: Chatsworth Rising Sun: 

Forty-four years ago, Dr Haffejee, a young dentist, was abducted on his way to King George 5th Hospital and taken to the Brighton Beach police station in Durban. Dr KV Moodley, prominent former Chatsworth doctor, community activist and former chairman of the ANC in Chatsworth, was a close friend and com- rade of the late Dr Hoosen Haffejee.