Dr Neil Aggett Inquest: Week 5


South Gauteng High Court (Room 8F), Johannesburg: 17 – 21 February 2020

Affidavit of Nicolaas Deetlefs (Afrikaans) and Information Note

Apartheid cop warned over lying at Neil Aggett inquest






Anti-apartheid activist and former deputy minister for international relations and co-operation Ebrahim Ebrahim, who attended Monday’s proceedings, accused Deetlefs of having tortured him and many other key activists and of telling lies to court.

“Key activists were tortured by him and he always boasted and said he dealt with so and so and broke so and so,” he said. 


An open letter to the NDPP Shamila Batohi: Investigate TRC cases

Timol family advocate Howard Varney and Imtiaz Cajee, nephew of Ahmed Timol, at the high court in Pretoria. Picture: Thobile Mathonsi /ANA


Finally, there must be public assurance from both the Executive and the NPA that the kind of political interference that occurred in the TRC cases will never occur again. In this regard, they should indicate the measures, including checks and balances, which will be put in place to prevent a recurrence of these unacceptable breaches of the Constitution.


Inside the Security Branch: Torture between brandy and boerewors

Erasmus’s rebuttal to his shame at being in the Security Branch (SB) is wicked storytelling, but his ballast — a violent memory — quickly steadies the entertainment. This moment, he’s having lunch on a Sunday on a sunny Kensington porch, and no one else around him at the restaurant knows what he’s done.



Cradock Four back to haunt De Klerk

The Cradock Four were murdered by Security Branch operatives after being abducted at a roadblock, allegedly on the instruction of the State Security Council (SSC), which recommended that they be “permanently removed from society.