Dr Haffejee Inquest: WEEK 1 16 – 19 August 2021


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Inquest Records: 16 – 19 August 2021

Meeting with Judge in Chambers: 16/08/2021

Opening Address by Adv Howard Varney: 17/08/2021

Opening Address by Advocate Dernardo Macdonald.: 17/08/2021

Investigating Officer Frank Kgamanyane: 17/08/2021

Investigating Officer Captain Mbhele: 17/08/2021

Inspection in loco: 18/08/2021

Tivesh Moodley (Expert Witness) 18/08/2021

Ismail Haffejee (Character Witness): 19/08/2021

Sarah Bibi Lall (Character Witness): 19/08/2021



Press Release – The re-opened Inquest into the death in detention of Dr Hoosen Haffejee

Press Release by the Foundation for Human Rights

10 August 2021

NOTE: The location of the inquest has been changed from the Durban High Court to the Pietermaritzburg High Court. The inquest will begin on 16 August 2021 at the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

The re-opened inquest into the death in detention of Dr Hoosen Haffejee will begin in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on the 16th of August 2021 – which marks 44 years since his death in detention on 3 August 1977. The inquest is scheduled to run for five weeks until the 16th of September 2021. While the re-opened inquest has been planned as an in-court hearing, the continued rise in infections in KwaZulu Natal may force the court to go into the online session. The media and public will be informed about any changes in this regard.


Family hopes inquest finally reveals the truth

12 August 2021: Capital Newspapers – Jade le Roux and Shorne Bennie

The Judicial Inquest into the death of Pietermaritzburg struggle victim Hoosen Mia Haffejee, set to commence at the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday, will hopefully bring 44 years of searching for answers and a lack of closure to an end for the Haffejee family.


Reopening of Haffejee Inquest

PRESS RELEASE: 15 August 2021

The re-opened inquest into the death of Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee is scheduled to commence at the High Court, sitting in Pietermaritzburg, on Monday,16 August 2021. The proceedings will be heard in Court A before the honorable Judge ZP Nkosi presiding.


Inquest into Dr Haffejee’s death starts Monday

15 August 2021: IOL – Tarryn-Leigh Solomons 

The re-opened inquest into the death of Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee is scheduled to commence at the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday.Haffejee, a dentist working at King Dinuzulu (formerly George) Hospital in Sydenham, died while in the custody of apartheid-era security branch policemen, at the Brighton Beach Police Station, in August 1977.


#PODCAST Inquest into anti-apartheid activist, Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee’s death underway

16 August 2021 Radio Lotus Newsbreak

#PODCAST Inquest into Dr. Haffejee’s death will bring closure to his family, says Imtiaz Cajee

16 August 2021: By Newsbreak Producer, Matthew Veeran 



Inquest re-opened into Hoosen Mia Haffejee’s death

SABC: Aug 16, 2021The family of anti-apartheid activist Doctor Hoosen Mia Haffejee says it has faith that justice will prevail, even 44 years after his death. The re-opened inquest into the death of Haffejee started today at the Pietermaritzburg High Court.


Ahmed Timol’s nephew confident Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee inquest will reveal truth about his death

17 August 2021: IOL – By Sihle Mavuso  


Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee was a 26-year-old dentist who was driving to work on August 2, 1977 when he was abducted and arrested by members of the Special Branch of the SAPS. Picture: Bongani Mbatha African News Agency (ANA) Archives

Durban – Despite the nod for a fresh inquest having taken two decades, the nephew of Ahmed Timol, Imtiaz Cajee, is confident that the reopened Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee inquest will finally reveal the truth. The Haffejee inquest was supposed to get off the ground on Monday under Judge ZP Nkosi of the Pietermaritzburg High Court, but most of the day was spent in the judge’s chamber where all parties held a meeting to iron out some issues.


Interview with Hoosen Haffejee’s siblings outside Pietermaritzburg High Court

Aug 17, 2021 Capital Media Group


Haffejee inquest reopens in the Pietermaritzburg High Court

SABC: Aug 17, 2021


Inquest into the death of anti-apartheid activist, Hoosen Haffejee begins

SABC NEWS: August 17, 2021The Pietermaritzburg High Court has heard harrowing evidence on Day 1 of the inquest into the death of anti-apartheid activist, Hoosen Haffejee while he was in police detention 44 years ago.


#PODCAST Court hears of severe torture inflicted on late anti-apartheid activist – Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee

17 August 2021: By Newsbreak Producer, Tashlan Naidoo 

Shocking testimony is being heard at the Pietermaritzburg High Court about the severe torture inflicted on late anti-apartheid activist, Dr Hoosen Mia Haffejee.


Pics Outside Court

Hoosen Haffejee inquest comes decades too late

17 August 2021: NEW FRAME by Tymon Smith

The death of the Durban dentist at the hands of the apartheid police in 1977 profoundly shaped his family’s lives. Only two siblings are still alive, hoping to find out the truth.


Dr Hoosen Haffejee inquest reopens in the Pietermaritzburg High Court

SABC: Aug 17, 2021 


Inquest magistrate covered up Haffejee killing – lawyer


Inspection in Loco

18 August 2021

Thivash Moodley, aeronautical engineer, makes a demonstration (recreation) showing how “improbable” it is that Haffejee would have hanged himself. (Real demonstration is around the 1:10 mark)

Courtesy of : Thabiso Goba: @ThabisoGoba2 @WitnessKZN

Radio Islam interview with Imtiaz Cajee

18 August 2021: Anisa Essack

Haffejee’s brother details the torture he suffered

19 August 2021 – IOL – By Samkelo Mtshali

Due to Dr Hoosen Haffejee’s devout Islamic faith and its doctrine that suicide is an unforgivable sin, he would not have taken his own life, his only surviving brother, Ishmail Haffejee, told the reopened inquest into his sibling’s death.

Under cross-examination at the inquest being heard by the Pietermaritzburg High Court, presided over by Judge ZP Nkosi, Ismail described how he had come to learn of his brother’s death, the severely injured condition of his lifeless body and the impact of his death on his family.

‘Fighting spirit’: Hoosen Haffejee inquest reopened in South Africa

Published on: 19 August, 2021: Al Jazeera Authors: Mia Swart

Haseen Mia Haffejee died in police detention in South Africa on 3 August 1977. He was found hanging in his cell in a police station in KawZulu Natal province.

Haffejee was a 26-year old dentist and anti-apartheid activist who was arrested by the South African Police (SAPS) when driving to work on 2 August 1977.

This week a court in KawZulu Natal has reopened the inquest into Haffejee’s death.

Haffejee was the 45th detainee who died in police detention in South Africa.

Shortly after his death, the police claimed that he committed suicide by hanging himself with his trousers from a grille door at Brighton Beach police station in KwaZulu Natal.

At the initial inquest in 1978 magistrate Trevor Blunden found that Haffejee committed suicide. The State pathologist at the time also found the cause of death consistent with hanging.


Hoosen Haffejee could have been strangled to death: Expert

20 August 2021, 7:59 AM  |  Dries Liebenberg  | 

Image: Twitter @JayedLeigh

Hoosen Haffejee’s sister and brother Sara Lall and Ismael Haffejee are seen seated inside the Pietermaritzburg High Court in this picture taken on the 17 of August, 2021.




Dr Hoosen Haffajee Inquest | Family says there’s no evidence of suicide

Aug 21, 2021#eNCA Courtesy #DStv403