Anniversary of the Deaths of Anti-Apartheid Activists: Haffejee and Mohapi

The first week of August marks the 43rd anniversary of Dr Hoosen Haffejee (03/08/1977) and 44th of Mapetla Mohapi (05/08/1976), activists killed in police detention. Apartheid inquests found no one to blame for both their deaths.

We pay tribute to Haffejee and Mohapi and demand the re-opening of the inquests into their deaths.

To commemorate the anniversaries, families (and friends) of Apartheid-era Victims and Extra-Judicial killings demand that President C. Ramaphosa  commit himself,  along with his cabinet, in opening with immediate effect ‘ a commission of inquiry’ to undertake the following:

(a)    find out the reasons for the undue delays by the NPA in investigating and prosecuting over 300 TRC cases, and….