ANC NEC Decisions: Outstanding TRC Matters


African National Congress 

Decisions of the NEC meeting held on 6-8 December 2020

On Outstanding TRC matters:

54. The NEC noted the engagement by the team led by the DSG with the Foundation for Human Rights and Families of Victims on the outstanding apartheid era crimes from the TRC process and ratifies the formation of a joint team to pursue these matters.

55. Reaffirms the ANC’s firm support for the outstanding TRC matters of investigations, prosecutions, as well as reparations to be given urgent attention in pursued of transitional justice, in order to give closure and justice to families of victims of apartheid era crimes, including crimes against humanity as part of the process of national healing.

56. Requests the team in para 54, to urgently brief the NWC on the matters of repatriation and reparations, and progress on the outstanding TRC matters.