56th Anniversary: Suliman “Babla” Saloojee


The 09th September 2020 marks the 56th anniversary of anti-apartheid activist Suliman “Babla” Saloojee killed in police detention. Saloojee was the 4th detainee to die in detention. Many more were to follow.

                                 Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Rookaya Salojee – The Forgotten Half of a Martyr

        By Haroon Aziz

The 1962 alleged killing of two Whites by POQO (PAC) provided the pretext for the White government to make detention without trial 1 the permanent feature of law (General Laws Amendment Act, No.37) in 1963. It provided for 90-day detention, when this proved inadequate, it was increased to 180 days, when this proved inadequate it was increased to indefinite period of detention through the Terrorism Act of 1967. Lawyers, advocates, doctors, and family were not allowed to visit detainees, who were also not allowed any newspapers and letters. Within a period of four years, these amendments were a tribute to the inner resilience of resistance fighters, who could not be easily broken through torture. These few years produced eleven martyrs, beginning with Looksmart Ngudle, including Leong Pin and Ah Yan. Suliman ‘Babla’ Salojee was fourth in the line of martyrdom.

On July 6, 1964 Babla Salojee, aged 32 years, was detained under the 90-day law.