29th Anniversary: Anton Lubowski


Lubowski: Who pulled the trigger?

John Grobler 

Was Swapo activist advocate Anton Lubowski assassinated on September 12 1989 because, unknowingly, he was about to expose evidence of mass murder by apartheid authorities, with potentially disastrous consequences for vested economic interests at the time?

Charles Courtney-Clarke, a former associate of the late human rights activist, believes this was clearly the case—and has produced several pieces of evidence he maintains point to a convergence of political and economic interests aligned against Lubowski.

Two previous judicial inquests to unravel Lubowski’s murder raised more questions than answers. The first, held before retired judge Harold Levy in 1993, found that Lubowski was murdered by unknown individuals believed to have been part of the Civil Co-operation Bureau’s (CCB) Region 6 team.