Anniversary: Suliman Saloojee and Alpheus Madiba


09th September 1964: Today marks the 54th anniversary for the killing of Sulaiman “Babla” Saloojee. 

Name:                    SALOOJEE, Suliman

Date of Death:      09 September 1964

Place:                     Greys Building

Cause:                    Suicide, jumped from 7th floor

Age:                        28

The most emotive and heartfelt tribute to Babla was written by his close friend Ahmed Kathrada:
Suliman Saloojee, my dearest friend Babla, was dead, killed by the police. This most gentle of men, this inveterate prankster, my comrade and source of strength, had been picked up under the ninety-day detention law, brutally interrogated and tortured to death – by the sadistic Rooi Rus Swanepoel – then flung from a window on the seventh floor of Gray’s Building, Johannesburg headquarters of the security police, on Wednesday 9 September 1964. Not surprisingly, the so-called inquest accepted the police version that Babla had committed suicide by jumping to his death. I have never doubted, however, that he died under interrogation, and that his body was then thrown out of the window”¦ The magistrate found that ‘nothing in the evidence suggested that Saloojee had been assaulted or that methods of interrogating him were in any way irregular. He found that no one was to blame for his death. (Kathrada 2004: 207)


09th September 1967: Today marks the 51st anniversary for the killing of Alpheus Madiba

 Name:                   MADIBA, Alpheus

Date of Death:     09 September 1967

Place:                    Unknown

Cause:                   Suicide by Hanging  

Age:                       Unknown

An ANC leader during the Rivonia trial who was abducted from his home in Louis Trichard, Transvaal, in 1964, alleged by members of the SAP. He was later found dead with multiple injuries in the Johannesburg mortuary.