John Vorster Square Police Station born 50 years ago


This video documents the opening of John Vorster Square (JVS) by new Prime Minister B.J. Vorster on 23 August 1968. Heralded for its efficiency and security, JVS housed all administrative sections of the police under one roof for the first time. The 9th and 10th floors were occupied by the notorious Security Branch and access to these floors was only possible through a single modified elevator located in the basement of the building. This video is included in “Between Life and Death: Stories from John Vorster Square” – a DVD produced as part of this project.

Detainees who died in police detention at John Vorster Square Police Station: Ahmed Timol, Wellington Tshazibane, Elmon Malele, Matthews Mabalena, Dr Neil Aggett, Ernest Dipale and Sizwe Clayton Sithole