29 May 2018

Dear generous supporters and donors

On behalf of the Ahmed Timol Family Trust I would like to thank you once again for helping realise our goal of updating the Ahmed Timol Exhibition to reflect the historic finding of the 2017 re-opened inquest, and report back to you on progress.

Instead of simply updating the existing static display panels, we have taken the opportunity to adopt a more modern, multimedia, technological approach. The new exhibition is fully digital. This means that instead of having to assemble, disassemble and transport bulky display panels, the exhibition can simply be emailed (or couriered on a USB drive) to host venues where it is either projected onto suitable walls and/or screens, or displayed on television screens.

The exhibition comprises two key, parallel components: An updated narrative of the life, times and murder of Ahmed Timol, and a series of key edited film clips of the 2017 re-opened inquest.

The Ahmed Timol Narrative

To run on 3 screens

A combination of text and images, in easy-to-read exhibition display format

The full story, rich in history, context and archive materials

Lays bare apartheid’s brutality from the perspective of a family that lost a beloved son

The exhibition run-time has been calculated at approximately 60 minutes, though viewers wishing to engage all content should budget for 120 minutes

The Inquest Film

To run on 2 screens

The key themes of the re-opened inquest, divided into four chapters:

Survivors – Here we have four clips rolled into one with highlights of the evidence of Essop, Naik, Mohammed Timol and Dilshad Jetham

Policemen – Here we have video highlights of the testimonies of the three policemen who gave evidence before the inquest

Family – Here we have a summary of your evidence, the interview with your uncle and highlights from the press conference.

Judgement – Highlights of the judgement delivered by Judge Mothle.

Each chapter is 10-15 minutes long, preceded by a short information graphic sequence

The films to run back-to-back across the two screens

Arrangements are presently being made to officially launch the new exhibition. I will communicate the details to you in due course.

Thank you once again.

Yours sincerely


Founder of the Ahmed Timol Family Trust