Letter of Appreciation: Ahmed Timol Donors


12 August 2015

Dear Donors


The auditorium at the Apartheid Museum that accommodates a maximum of 200 was filled to the brim with approximately 300 to 350 guests. The audience included amongst others: family members; extended relatives and neighbours that supported the Timol family in those difficult years; comrades and friends of Ahmed Timol; anti-apartheid activists and ordinary South Africans of all racial denomination attending the historical launch of the Ahmed Timol Exhibition.

Program Director, journalist David O’Sullivan introduced the speakers on the Programme: This included Luthuli Dlamini, (the man with the golden voice) conducting a poetry recital; 10 year old Shakeel Jassat’s narration titled “Seeing the world through the eyes of a child” after watching the documentary titled, Indians Can’t Fly; curator of the Apartheid Museum, Emilia Potenza welcoming the audience to the event; nephew Imtiaz Cajee outlining the Ahmed Timol Project; Comrade in Arms, Essop Pahad reminiscing on his relationship with Timol; former TRC Commissioner Yasmin Sooka reminded the audience on the unfinished business of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and Mpho Nchabaleng, son of UDF activist Peter Nchabaleng, murdered in police detention in 1986, paid tribute to his father. In conclusion, Ahmed’s younger brother Mohammad concluded the programme with the Vote of Thanks, see below. All speakers were confined to the allocated timeframe and the official program was concluded within an hour.

Please visit www.ahmedtimol.co.za/pictures-opening-of-timol-exhbition and https://www.facebook.com/ahmed.timol.16 for pictures from the opening of the exhibition. We are also in the process of uploading the exhibition on the website. Kindly visit: www.ahmedtimol.co.za. (See attached newspaper cuttings from The Times and The Independent Newspapers).

The Timol Family Trust Members (process of been formalised) humbly once again appreciates your generous contribution resulting in the successful launch of the Ahmed Timol Exhibition at the Apartheid Museum. This exhibition will be hosted at this venue until the end of November 2015. We are making arrangements for a roving national exhibition in 2016, commemorating the 45th anniversary of Ahmed Timol. (Hopefully, this includes an international exhibition). There are a number of additional initiatives scheduled and you will be updated regularly on progress.

Your support and solidarity continue preserving the legacy of Ahmed Timol!!!!

We thank you.


Program Director                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1 August 2015

Esteemed Guest Speakers

Comrades, Friends, and Family members

I was invited to a lunch hosted by Amina Frense to celebrate the 75th birthday of her husband, my close friend Comrade Ronnie Kasrils. This was in November 2013. At the celebration, Comrade Aziz Pahad introduced me to Emilia Potenza, Curator at the Apartheid Museum. The surname “Timol” was known to Emilia. In the discussion that followed Emilia expressed interest to host an Exhibition on Ahmed Timol at this Museum. Thereafter I instructed Imtiaz my nephew to establish contact with Emilia.

Today, it is indeed a privilege for me to be standing here, almost 21 months later, humbled and honoured with the responsibility of conducting the Vote of Thanks at the Launch of the Ahmed Timol Exhibition here at this historic Apartheid Museum.

On behalf of the Timol Family, our sincere appreciation to Emilia and her colleagues at the Museum for hosting this exhibition;

Our appreciation also goes the Cape Town based Dreamfuel and Oryx Media for the production for the Exhibition.

The Timol family recognises and appreciates the generous financial donations contributed towards the hosting of this event: DONORS from CANADA, Ireland and South Africa, without whom this exhibition would not have taken place.


Abdul Moola

Kassim Ebrahim

Mohammed and Mariam Bhabha

Ahmed Bhabha (senior)

Nazreen Garda

Razia Garda

Baker and Joan Bhabha

Jameela and Farouk Dindar

Jay Sullaphen

Dr. Cassim Bhabha

Ayesha Agjee

Yusuf Bismillah

Vicki Bismillah

A donor who wish to remain Anonymous

Ram Chetty



Michael Hutchinson



David Robb

Yusuf Pilo Cajee

A donor who wish to remain Anonymous

Ebrahim Bhorat – Cape Town based businessman-ex Roodepoort and a student of Ahmed at the local school.

MF Jassat & Dlamini Attorneys


Your attendance reaffirms the view that the legacy and memory of Ahmed lives on. Not just in SA, but far and wide. The international donations confirm this.

During the most difficult and traumatic period when Ahmed and I were arrested as well as the arrest of many others in our community in Roodepoort and in cities & towns in South Africa, in October 1971 and during the height and the might of the Apartheid state and its feared security police also known as the SB’s, relatives, neighbours, friends, and the community rendered overwhelming support to my ageing parents and family.

Despite the intimidation and harassment by the apartheid regime and its agents, the oppressed people stood their ground and turnout in their  hundreds to give Ahmed a martyrs burial.

We express our sincere appreciation for your presence here today and for all those who are not here, for the support and solidarity you have generously given to the Timol family for close to 44 years.

The glowing tribute by President Mandela during a ceremony in renaming the Azaadville High school to the Ahmed Timol Secondary School on the 29th of March 1999 epitomises the contribution of Ahmed Timol to the liberation of this country.

It is important for us 21 years in a democratic South Africa not to forget our past, where we come from. The story of Ahmed is simply one, but the stories of many other patriots who made the supreme sacrifice is not recorded and spoken about today. This must be rectified. Specifically, the youth of today must be inspired by the heroic sacrifices of ordinary men and women from all sectors of our communities, irrespective of race or creed, who sacrificed their lives in order for us to be liberated from the shackles of apartheid.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution to make this Exhibition a reality I am instructed to handover a Certificate of Appreciation to David Robb, who is not present here today.  Dr Grant Rex please come forward to accept the Certificate for David Robb and Mr Jassat please come forward to accept your Certificate.

In conclusion, Imtiaz was 5 years old when Ahmed died in detention. Imtiaz embarked on a long journey that started 19 years ago just after my Mother testified at the TRC, to research and record the life and times of Ahmed Timol and to preserve his  legacy and memory and to keep Ahmed’s name alive. Close to 44 years after Ahmed’s brutal death in detention, Imtiaz, this is a most remarkable achievement. Imtiaz’s Quest for the Truth continues. Imtiaz we are indebted to you and express our deep and fond appreciation for bringing all of us together, to celebrate the life and times of our brother, friend, teacher, sportsman, freedom fighter and revolutionary Ahmed Timol.

My appeal to all when you attend the exhibition in the opposite venue, let us remember and pay tribute to the unsung heroes and heroine who want into battle and fought  a gallant fight so that we the people of South Africa enjoy the fruits of freedom.

I thank you.


Mohammad Timol

1 August 2015