24th October 1971:

“On Sunday nobody came “

Testimony of Ahmed Timol’s mother, Mrs Hawa Timol, to the TRC on 30 April 1996 in Johannesburg

“During the month of Ramadan, when Ahmed had been arrested, the Security Branch came knocking at Amina Cajee’s flat during the early hours of the morning. They were looking for the owner of Cajee’s Commercial College. They took Amina to the college. The police, using many vehicles, were waiting outside the college for Amina to open up. They took all the typewriters and recording equipment used for short-hand, cassettes, papers packed in boxes and everything they could get their hands on. Amina was asked if she knew Ahmed and she responded that she did know him. Everybody from Roodepoort, as she was, knew him. By this time Amina had heard that Ahmed, KC Naik, Mrs Desai and others had been arrested. Aysha Bulbulia had also been arrested. Her parents were upset and could not understand why their daughter, just an ordinary worker at the college, had been arrested.”  TIMOL – A QUEST FOR JUSTICE