12 October 2019 Marks two years since the ruling


12 October 2019 marks two years since the historical ruling in the re-opening of the Ahmed Timol Inquest

October 12, 2019

On the 12th October 2017, Judge Billy Mothle ruled that Ahmed Timol did not commit suicide as per the 1972 Inquest verdict, but was murdered in police detention.

Joao Antonio Jan Rodrigues was to be investigated for his role in the murder of Timol. Fellow Security Branch Officers Neville Els and Seth Sons to be charged for perjury.

After lengthy court delays and an application for a permanent stay of prosecution dismissed by a full bench, Rodrigues criminal case has yet not commenced.

Despite the murder and defeating the ends of justice been enrolled more than a year ago, investigation into perjury charges against Seth sons and Els is yet to be finalised two years  later.