Two major initiatives scheduled for 2015

October 30, 2014

There are two major initiatives scheduled for 2015 that will continue to preserve the legacy of Comrade Ahmed Timol. They are as follows:

1. The Apartheid Museum will curate and host an exhibition on the life and times of Ahmed Timol. It will also be produced as a mobile exhibition so that it can be displayed in venues across the country. An online exhibition is also planned. 2. The SABC has commissioned a documentary titled, “Indian’s Can’t Fly” a 48 minute documentary celebrating the life of Ahmed Timol. Tentative dates for airing this historical documentary is scheduled for February / March 2015. Regular information updates on the above projects will be made available. If anyone has new information, pictures, etc. that will assist both the television production and exhibition, please send email to:

Internationally acclaimed artists Paul Stopforth's seminal art work titled: The Falling Man,1979 , to highlight deaths in Detention

Internationally acclaimed artists Paul Stopforth’s seminal art work titled: The Falling Man,1979 , to highlight deaths in Detention

Director of Photography for Indians Can't Fly, Denford Dzingrie and well Known actor Luthuli Dlamini in the recital of poems by Ronnie Kasrils, Chris Van Wyk, Don Mattera and Jimmy Mathews Sequence: 12/11/2014

Director of Photography for Indians Can’t Fly, Denford Dzingrie and well Known actor Luthuli Dlamini in the recital of poems by Ronnie Kasrils, Chris Van Wyk, Don Mattera  and Jimmy Mathews Sequence: 12/11/2014


Director of  Indians Can't Fly Enver Samuel and Luthuli Dlamini go over the script 12/11/2014

Director of Indians Can’t Fly Enver Samuel and Luthuli Dlamini go over the script

Imtiaz in Class at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School: 12/11/2014

Imtiaz Cajee in Class at Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School: 12/11/2014

Imtiaz & Principal Ismail, Dr Yusuf Dadoo Primary School 12/11/2014

Imtiaz Cajee & Principal Ismail of Dr. Yusuf Dadoo Primary School


Pascal Moloi: 13/10/2014

Pascal Moloi: 13/10/2014


Aziz Pahad & Jo Jo Saloojee: 13/10/2014

Aziz Pahad & Jo Jo Saloojee: 13/10/2014


Drone filming at Jhb. Central  Police Station: 14/09/2014

Drone filming at Jhb. Central Police Station: 14/09/2014


Freedom Park

Freedom Park


Imtiaz Cajee on rooftop:  Johanneburg Central Police Station  Rooftop

Imtiaz Cajee on rooftop: Johanneburg Central Police Station Rooftop

Roodepoort Cemetery 13/07/2014

Roodepoort Cemetery 13/07/2014


Shoot in Breyten for SABC Doccie

Shoot in Breyten for SABC Doccie: 03/09/2014

33 Responses to “Two major initiatives scheduled for 2015”

  1. Alan Elsdon says:

    Congratulations with your steadfast efforts … wishing you and the team only the best going forward, in 2015 and beyond.

  2. Stephanie Kemp says:

    Ahmed Timol’s nephew should be praised for his refusal to let the name of Timol be forgotten.


    Congrats! Well done and you are truly a guiding light of perseverance and resilience! Viva!

  4. Rena Kessa says:

    Long Live the spirit of Comrade Ahmed Timol…Aluta Continua

    And it sure still haunts me.

  5. Eunice says:

    a nobble fight my brother.Forward we go backwards never.. I qoute “I find hope in the darkest of days ,and focus in the brightest .I do not judge the universe” (Dalai Lman)

  6. Zunaid says:

    Salaam Imtiaz,
    This is so heartwarming. I really look forward to the SABC documentary. Your commitment to keeping his memory alive has borne fruit. Well done.

  7. Shirin Motala says:

    Slms Imtiaaz
    Well done on getting this documentary aired. please alert us to the date.

    • Sydney Mufamadi says:

      I note with appreciation that Imtiaz’s relentless effort has paid off. Comrade Ahmed Timol’s role and place in our history must be preserved for all posterity. His memory is an important resource which helps focus our attention, and that of generations to come, on issues that matter.

  8. Farouk Dindar says:

    I had a dream that SABC would one day produce a documentary on my dear cousin, friend and mentor – Ahmed . It is finally coming true. Thanks Imtiaz for your tireless effort.

  9. Tshinandala Khangale says:

    Preservation of history equate to revival of knowledge.

  10. Sharif Shah-Bilal says:

    Salaams & Mubarak Imtiaz for your tireless dedication towards seeing this documentary coming to fruition. Ahmed was one of our young stalwarts. May his loving memory never be forgotten.

  11. mahomed farouk moosa says:

    I hope the perpetrators who may very well be in their twilight years see the light of their heinous criminal activity and disclose themsleves. Ahmed Timol passing on was indeed an act of martyrdom. Ahmed Timol has still a place in my heart some 43 years later. Never again will I allow others to exploit me, as I walk in the shadow of this martyr.

  12. Ronnie Kasrils says:

    Your initiatives for 2015 are commendable in keeping alive the sacrifice of Ahmed Timol who exemplifies the told and untold stories of those of our martyrs who sought neither self-enrichment nor personal fame and power but were motivated by service to our oppressed and exploited people.

  13. Emilia Potenza says:

    The Apartheid Museum is very pleased to be co-curating this exhibition on the life and times of
    Ahmed Timol. This harrowing tribute will be seen by approximately 800 visitors a day during its 6-month run at our museum in 2015.

  14. Alberic Vollmer says:

    Awesome initiatives lined up, Imtiaz! Glad that we can be a part of it!

  15. Glenn Moss says:

    Ahmed Timol’s death in 1971 had a significant radicalising effect on a new generation of activists emerging on both the Saso and the Nusas campuses. The nature of his death in detention, and the protests and campaigns which followed, strengthened students in their rejection of what we called ‘the system’. And his work to develop the ANC-SACP underground helped to introduce a whole new generation to the politics of national liberation.

    Thank you for ensuring that this is properly recorded, remembered and revived.

  16. johann@paia says:

    Hi Imtiaz my friend , let us continue searching for the truth , leave no pebble in u shoe unatt6ended , hopefully some of the pre 1994 Apartheid heroes , will speak out before they pass on ?

  17. Piers Pigou says:

    So much unfinished business and so much more that can and could be done. It is tragic that South Africa is allowing the window of opportunity to close on such matters with little more than a whimper. Future generations may not be so kind in their interpretation of these deficits? Whilst we know there are many contemporary priorities that need attention, addressing these issues is directly relevant to the welfare and future prospects of this country. This is not a divisive agenda, but constructive and an opportunity to build on the platform the TRC created for this country to continue a conversation with itself that it has systematically avoided over the years. Where are the political champions now? The French philosopher, Jacque Derrida described the TRC as “an act of forgetting”, meaning that we looked at these issues (well some of them), packed up the information and locked it away in a vault. How is it that 11 years after the TRC handed its final codocil report to former President Mbeki, the TRC archive remains locked up, unprocessed and largely unavailable. It’s a disgrace and a betrayal to the memory of those who fought and died for liberation. what Imtiaz and some otehrs are doing keeps the spirit alive. I salute you!
    A luta continua!!

  18. Yunus Moola says:

    We hope and pray that Imtiaz’s tireless and relentless efforts will be rewarded with the truth of my teacher and cousin’s gruesome death being disclosed so that our family can get closure.

  19. Sharif Shah-Bilal says:

    So much of “Our History” involving the lives and sacrifices of so many remains caught-up in the quagmire of inactivity … complacency … ineptitude. The tireless works of people like Imtiaz help in unearthing South Africa’s ignoble past – keeping those who have gone before us – alive with renewed hope of laying bare – the truth. The Struggle was not about wanting to become Hero’s and Heroin’s but the fulfilling one’s incumbent duty … to serve …


  20. Mary Burton says:

    It is a fine thing to pay tribute to Ahmd Timol and to remember the huge cost in lives and suffering that he and so many others paid to bring about the radical changes that gave us an end to legalised apartheid and a constitution that protects the rights of all. It is also a reminder that the task is not yet accomplished and there is much to be done. May the film be a spur to action.

  21. Moosa Jeena says:

    Well done Imtiaz in being steadfast in the pursuit of preserving the memory and legacy of Comrade Ahmed Timol alive.

  22. Bazil Bhanabhai says:

    Timol was a great friend of mine, both in South Africa and London. We campaigned with hundreds of South Africans in London, e g the Pahads, Mbeki, etc, to name a few.

    Keep up the good work.

    I will be in South Africa between March and April and hope to meet you.

    Bazil Bhanabhai

  23. Lucky Mathobela Mabasa says:

    You have really worked hard, it is worth every minute spend. I watched you when you started this journey.. and looking back cannot help it but be so proud.. personally learned a lot from this.. and that perseverance and hard work pays at the end..
    Congratulations Imtiaz Cajee

  24. Ashwyn Govind says:

    Congratulations Brother

  25. Farouk Essop Bhabha says:

    Well done and keep up the good work

  26. Zunaid Moosajee says:

    Great work Imtiaz.

  27. Lydia Maotoe says:

    Keep up the good work Brother!!!!

  28. Ike says:

    The work you do is very important. Keep it up!

    Do you know whether there is an opportunity to watch the documentary if we missed it on SABC?


  29. Wayne says:

    Hi Imtiaz

    It is with sadness that I could only one day ago find out that u have published a book on Ahmed Timol’s life story. I only were borned in ’78 but could relive myself at that moment which should have been heartbreaking to the Timol family.

    Thank you for the word of praise to the family and those in ZA who also lost loved ones in the same manner.

    R, Wayne

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