October 23, 2017

“I argued with them that I wanted to see my son and they said that your son is with us. I asked them that I wanted to see him and they said, “No you cannot see him”. They then sat and they interrogated my late husband…at quarter past one on Saturday they came back and they again interrogated us. They wanted to know with whom my son fraternised and who were his friends and where were they. They ransacked the home and found nothing. They then came back at night and again interrogated us”.

Testimony of Ahmed Timol’s mother, Mrs Hawa Timol to the TRC on 30 April 1996 in Johannesburg.

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  1. siva chetty says:

    Madar chods would be too mild an expletive for these bad excuse species of inhumane beings.Sad that the punishment would never fit the crime of impunity.Even hell may be a luxury.

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