Remembering Timol: A Timeline

December 14, 2017

December Edition of Township Times: EyoMnga (month of the Acaia tree) – December 2017

East London. Mdantsane. Zwelitsha. Bisho / KWT. Dimbaza. Vol. 1.7 edition: 05

Remembering Timol: A Timeline


2 Responses to “Remembering Timol: A Timeline”

  1. A life of heroism in the quest for dignity, freedom and equality. A luta continua

  2. In his quest for freedom , justice dignity and equality, comrade Timol paid the highest price and sacrificed his life. We salute him and we commit ourselves to continue to work for entrenching those values and ideals in our society and we will never give up until we achieve freedom, equality and dignity for all. A luta continua…..

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