Opposing the Notion of Motion brought by Joao Rodrigues

November 08, 2018

Affidavits of Imtiaz Ahmed Cajee and Mohammad Timol (including annexures) opposing the Notion of Motion brought by Joao Rodrigues for a permanent stay of prosecution against him.

IAC Affidavit     


Internal Memorandum: Report on the Progress made by the Task Team on TRC Cases

Date: 29 November 2006


History, suppressed: What didn’t get revealed at the Timol Inquest

By Kevin Bloom; 22 September 2017


Media Reports relating to Ahmed Essop Timol 1997 – 2015


Rapist Bob Hewitt enters prison in Port Elizabeth

Tuesday 20 September 2016


Former SS guard, now 94, faces trial in Germany

21 September 2018


Former Auschwitz guard jailed for five years over murder of 170,000 Holocaust victims

Elke Ahlswede Detmold

17 June 2016


Victor Jara murder: ex-military officers sentenced in Chile for 1973 death

Reuters in Santiago

3 July 2018


Operation Condor conspiracy faces day of judgment in Argentina court

Uki Goni in Buenos Aires

23 May 2016


Argentina missing: Omar Graffigna, ex-Air Force chief, goes on trial

3 May 2016


Guatemela: ex-military officers convicted of crimes against humanity

Nina Lakhani in Mexico City

23 May 2018


Apartheid cop accused of ‘delay tactics’ to avoid murder trial

Ra’eesa Pather 15 October 2018

Mohammad Timol Affidavit                      

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