Ahmed Timol Inquests: 1972 and 2017?

September 17, 2017

Date: 22 June 1972

Place: Johannesburg Magistrates Court

Case No: Body 399/171

J J L de Villiers






Magistrate J.J. L. de Villiers

Rand Daily Mail, June 23 1972

Findings in terms of Article 16 of Act 58 of 1959 are:

  1. The identity of the deceased is Ahmed Essop Timol, an Asian male, 29 years old, a born South African, teacher of profession.
  2. Date of death: 27 October 1971.
  3. Cause or probable cause of the death: The deceased died because of serious brain damage and loss of blood sustained when he jumped out of a window of Room 1026 at John Vorster Square and fell to the ground on the southern side of the building. He committed suicide.

No living person is responsible for his death.

Date: 24th August 2017

Place: High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, Pretoria

Case No:  I01-2017

Judge Billy Mothle






Judge Billy Mothle

SABC News, Thursday 24 August 2017 

I need to come back then with an answer to Section 16 of the Act, Section 16 specifically requires me to answer four questions. 

(1)  The identity of the deceased, that is not in dispute. 

(2)  The date of death, that also is not in dispute. 

(3)  The cause of death of the deceased and the manner in which it occurred.  The cause of death is not in dispute, all the doctors agree, but the circumstances are the area in which I need to go in.

And the fourth question is whether any person can be held liable for that and if so, I must refer to that person

PS: Awaiting date for judgement to be announced

2 Responses to “Ahmed Timol Inquests: 1972 and 2017?”

  1. Anwar Osman Hoosen says:

    I would like the judge to rule that;
    the death of Cde Ahmed Timol was not an act of suicide but rather that of murder by torture;
    that person/s x,y,z were directly or indirectly responsible for his death;
    that these persons dead or alive must be striped of any official titles bestowed to them by the state, including any rewards;
    that the magistrate/judge that presided over the original case should also be removed from that title;
    that those that are alive should face trail in open court.

  2. Irene Summers says:

    A brain dead person could not jump out of a
    closed window without breaking or opening it first..

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